samedi 28 avril 2012

Cubic-OH/órgano HU-rbano

By Alex Morales (artist, Colombia, France)
In collaboration with a group of dancers and actors from San Agustin: Alexis Povea Dreke, Hilda Hernández, Orlando Fajardo, José Luis Peréz ,Yordarys Mendoza, Darien Hidalgo, Yosnel Ascuy, Jorge Abril, Isabelle Million, Támara Rodríguez, Maricet Cadalso, Ailey Almeida, Yisel Capote, Esperanza Núñez Cruz, Mario Guerrero, Beatriz Pulido, Claudia Correa, Estela Toledo and the LASA team.

  • Inspired by Alexis PoveaDreke’s personal story – renowned Cuban Hip Hop dancer from the 80’s and promoter of the Break Dance movement in San Agustín, Alex Morales proposes five audiovisual interventionsin San Agustín’s public space anchored in the reality, the fantasy and daily life of the neighbourhood.
  • Mixing languages such as dance, theatre, video, performance and music, the piece tells Alexis Povea’s story as a thread that leads the viewerdeep into the history of San Agustín.

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