Prototype dedicated to contemporary art practices in the public realm

MAC/SAN - Prototype for an institution dedicated to contemporary art practices in the public realm

MAC/SAN, site-specific to San Agustín (western suburb of Havana), addresses the practice of art in the public realm - its form(s) and its relevance from local and international points of views. The project was developed through a collective creative approach resulting from a series of residencies at LASA-laboratorio artistico de san agustín.

MAC/SAN is a hybrid: an artwork and a framework. Rooted in a conceptual approach, MAC/SAN is also contextual and proteiform; a project that is both site-specific and mutable. Amongst its forms are contexts for the design and presentation of other artworks and programmes. Stimulating dialogue on the status of material and immaterial artworks, MAC/SAN also acts as a catalyst for participation, generating a broad approach to contemporary art aesthetic and politics. Combining diverse art practices, MAC/SAN will interconnect discussions often occuring in isolated silos. Hence, for its launch during the 2012 Biennial of Havana, MAC/SAN invites artists, curators, architects, journalists and scholars coming from several European, North and South American countries to contribute to its shaping and its activation.

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