The MAC/SAN creative team (Erik Göngrich, Stefan Shankland, Candelario, Aurélie Sampeur and Catherine Sicot) is composed of artists and curators who have been working independently and collectively on urban and public space and with various arts organisations. For the past several years, their work has resulted in a variety of art works, exhibitions, residency-based projects and programmes, which explores the potential of art production and creative forms to interact with public spaces, and various communities. Ultimately these projects investigate the possibility of art and creative thinking to brigde the gap between the institution and the communities the inhabit, to be relevant, challenging and contribute to new models in contemporary culture.

Stefan Shankland’s work proposes a sculptural approach to urban processes. His large-scale projects often involve a set of interventions that modify the physical and structural qualities of a given context (social, economical and political).

Erik Göngrich questions the meaning of sculpture in public space as well as the historical and symbolic connexions an artwork can establish with it. His sculptures address the specific qualities of a site and its identity.

Candelario´s work focuses on the interaction between individuals and place. He develops an anthropological art practice through which he investigates physical and emotional reactions of people to their architectural and urban environment.

Aurélie Sampeur is a Cuban based independent European curator. She has been working on participative and contextual art in public space in Europe and America as well as on the development of different economical and political strategies for the art and culture scenes.

Catherine Sicot has worked extensively in museums in France and Canada, and been involved in the Toronto artist-run-scene. Her current interest and expertise grew from implementing traditional museum education practices to engaging communities in the public sphere, working with artists and partnering with community groups and social services.Her independent practice as curator/producer started in 2005. She has recentlydeepened her exploration of social engagement by developing Off the Edge, dedicated to producing artworks involving community participation on suburban territoires in Canada, France and Cuba.

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