samedi 28 avril 2012

Botellas curadas, una Etnobotánica visual (Healing Bottles, a Visual Ethnobotony)

Multidisciplinary research team from Colombia: Rocío Polanía, Jaime Ruiz Solórzano, José Leonardo Ruiz and Juan Pablo Rodriguez (South-Colombian University); Gonzalo Díaz, Jaime Leudo Hurtado, Jairo Marín and Denis Antonio Palacios (Technological University of Chocó), Florencia Mora (Javeriana University - Cali), Jorge Reyes (Valle University), Sua Dabeida Baquero (independant researcher), Gonzalo González (Catholic University Lumen Gentium), Diana Carolina Torres and Viviana Guarnizo (artists and documentalists), Jazmín Andrea Gómez and Carlos Lerma (research assistants).
  • A group of multidisciplinary scholars explore the impact of contemporary artistic practices on territory, using MAC/SAN (alternative and independent) and the Havana Biennial (institutional) as a newplatforms of observation.
  • Botellas Curadas (Healing Bottles) is inspired by ethnobotany–a science that exploresthe relationship between people and plants. The researchers will continue their inventory of objects and goods used by traditional medicine in Colombia and Cuba.They will look at their socio-economic characteristics and how they impact on local agriculture.
  • Botellas Curadas is a set of interviews with scientists, doctors and a variety of San Agustín´s inhabitants, who practice traditional medicine, growing or selling medicinal plants for religious or medical use. Data such as legends, stories, pictures and drawings will be compiledin an album accessible to the public in MAC/SAN Building. Performances and group discussions will also be programmed at MAC/SAN Building. A map locating sites of their research in San Agustin and surroundings will be available to the public.

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