samedi 28 avril 2012

SAN Café

By Lauren Elder, Oscar Melara and Kate Connell (artists, USA)
Collaborating with five chefs – non professionals- from San Agustín and surroundings: Inès Arozarena Belasco, Ada Cardentey Molleda, Madelein López Sánchez, Margot Gonzales Pérez and Anier Fernández Reina.
Production in collaboration with Anier Fernández Reina, and volunteers from San Agustín

The artists create a culinary platform for MAC/SAN Building where five publictastings and book eventswill be performed for San Agustínians and Biennial visitors. Dishes will result from a collaboration between the artists’ expertise in International Grande Cuisine, and the one of five local talents. Non-professionalChefs will bringtheir sense of gastronomy and interpret recipes in light of their knowledge of local products, taking into account Cuban cost of living.  San Café will also publish a map, advertising local food producers involved in the project, and a book with additional details and recipes.

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