samedi 28 avril 2012

BIOCUB-artist’s nutrition

By Erik Göngrich (artists, Germany),
Production in collaboration with Julietta Vigueras (art historian, Cuba) and Esther Suarez (architect, Cuba)

BIOCUB – artist’s nutrition is a sculptural artwork, a new system involving the artist collaborating with San Agustínians in the local production of a multiple – packages of 100g of dried mango - that will be sold within and outside MAC/SAN Building for 20 Cuban pesos (about 0,65 €).

  • BIOCUB will collect mangos daily from both private gardens and larger plantations in San Agustínand will dry and package them.
  • BIOCUB will experiment with a new drying technology developed by the artist in consultation with Malnutrition Matters, a Canadian NGO specializing in food drying systems.
  • 7 Dryers will be installed in the homes of Cuban families and 13 will be installed on the rooftop of MAC/SAN Building. After the biennial all of dryers will be given to local families for use in their personal consumption.
  •  Artists will also conduct drawing interviews with participants that will tell the story of local food production in San Agustín. Drawings will be exhibited at MAC/SAN Building.

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